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Where nature reigns supreme

Enkarterri is the westernmost region of the Basque Country and a perfect setting for cycling. Mythical peaks, sweeping views, steep sea cliffs, endless woodland and roads… Enkarterri is very close to Bilbao and, in addition to cycling without limits, here you will discover and explore a lot of places that you won’t find anywhere else in the world….

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Enkarterri in numbers

60 K

A record-breaking land

It’s not just a figure of speech: Enkarterri is a record-breaking region. It is home to the largest Rolls-Royce collection in Europe, housed in an old 19th century fortress. Here you will find a cave that boasts the highest concentration of eccentric stalactites in the world, a bamboo forest foreign to the area or a natural park sheltered by enormous stone massifs.

Being the largest region in Bizkaia, we have divided Enkarterri into three areas to help you find your way around. Welcome!

Western valleys

Nature reigns unspoiled in the westernmost valleys of Enkarterri. An impressive network of caves extends beneath their karst mountains and green pastures – a record-breaking area of immense scenic views.

The Kadagua route

River Kadagua enters the medieval town of Balmaseda impetuously and meanders eastwards through landscapes where nature reigns supreme. You will cycle on endless roads and reach mythical peaks.

The Iron route

Eastern Enkarterri is filled with traces of an old world that forged the identity of our region. The stunning views that dominate the land attest to the rise and decline of open pit mining.