Enkarterri on two wheels


Passion for pedalling

Here is a selection of cycling routes designed by professionals and 100% adaptable to your needs. MTB, road, training circuits, family plans and much more in a natural gem yet to be explored. Enkarterri is located in the westernmost region of Biscay (Basque Country), just a stone’s throw from Bilbao, in a perfect setting for enjoying cycling at all levels.


Climb mythical peaks on your bike, explore undiscovered spots and marvel at sweeping panoramic views in the most region corner of the Basque Country.


Mountain passes, crazy curves, thrilling descents and endless kilometres in a 100% bike-friendly territory. Explore Enkarterri the way you like it best.

Family rides

Tour Enkarterri on two wheels in the company of your family, with routes and activities designed for the youngest members of the household.

Don't have a bike or prefer to go your own?

If you don’t have a bike to tackle these routes, or if you prefer to go your own way, no problem! You can also rent just the bike and enjoy with whoever and however you want. We have more than 50 rental bikes available: road, gravel and mountain bikes, both conventional and electric.