Enkarterri Road Experience

The route in numbers

444 km
6470 m

For asphalt lovers

Get on your road bike (or rent one of our two-wheelers) and cycle in a limitless environment of tortuous curves and endless kilometres of asphalt surrounded by nature. Experience the freedom offered by a 100% cycling territory. Enkarterri is a record-braking region filled with scenic views and endless roads and paths.

4-5 horas por etapa:

❱ 1st stage: Balmaseda-Balmaseda 

❱ 2nd stage: Balmaseda-Quejana (Álava)

❱ 3rd stage: Quejana-Quejana

❱ 4th stage: Quejana-Areatza

❱ 5th stage: Areatza-Balmaseda

No (GPS or guide assisted)

Practice your hobby while enjoying the natural landscapes of the Enkarterri region, very near Bilbao. The incidence of motor vehicles is very low or practically non-existent throughout the route, designed for regular road cyclists. Completely customisable.

The route in pictures

Feel the freedom of pedalling on endless countryside roads with tortuous curves and rediscover the joy of cycling in a natural setting of stunning panoramas. A paradise for asphalt lovers.