Basque Mountains

Enkarterri MTB Experience

The route in numbers

226 km
5700 m

Pure MTB

Experience mountain biking in Enkarterri, next to Bilbao. Join our MTB experience and cycle from peak to peak in the heart of the world-famous Basque mountains. Our track runs through the Armañón Natural Park, the Ordunte and Triano Mountains, and overlooks the wild cliffs of the Bay of Biscay. Steep mountains, lush forests, valleys dotted with farmhouses and medieval villages on a surprising route with landscapes that you can’t even imagine.


4-5 hours por day:

1st stage: Zalla – Bilbao

2nd stage: Bilbao – Muskiz

3rd stage: Muskiz – Karrantza

4th stage: Karrantza – Zalla

No (GPS or guide assisted)

Cycling experience fully adaptable in mileage and gradient. Aimed at an intermediate level user who wants to enjoy the bike and the environment without timetables. A route of great contrasts between rural and urban environments, from Bilbao and its world-famous Guggenheim Museum to record-breaking Pozalagua Cave, in the hidden valley of Kadagua. Or from the green mountains of the Basque mountains to the blue of the Bay of Biscay.

The route in pictures

This circular route runs across the Armañón Nature Park, ascends the Ordunte Mountains and Triano Mountains and looks over the rugged cliffs of the Bay of Biscay. A stunning MTB experience filled with rugged peaks, sprawling valleys, meandering brooks and endless forests.